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Shane Jay HayesChief Information Officer/Chief Strategist

Shane Jay Hayes

Chief Information Officer/Chief Strategist

Shane coined the term “online presence management” over 14 years ago while working with One Eleven and Island Records. Little did he know that Online Presence Management would grow to be it’s own industry in just a few short years. Today Shane is our Chief Information Officer and Strategist and is responsible for ensuring that we are always on the cutting edge of innovation. Shane brings a diverse background in entertainment, internet strategy and management to the iliono team. As a celebrated photographer and filmmaker his work, both online and off, has been featured in festivals and showings around the world. Bragging rights include: Being the original Music Video Group moderator for YouTube. Member of launch team for multiple social media sites including Virb, Imeem, Stickam, MySpace, Trig, Reverbnation and more. Shane is a proud Navy veteran with an extensive background in digital strategy going back over 14 years.

Trevor Brown

Lead Project Manager

Hey Trevor!

Connor L’HommedieuLead Content Manager

Connor L’Hommedieu

Lead Content Manager

Connor L’Hommedieu was originally born in Orlando, Florida. Connor taught himself all he knows about web developing from years of designing musicians websites and social media sites. He managed local bands from the near by town of Ocala, and mostly specialized as their web designer / web developer. Spending many sleepless nights teaching himself HTML coding, CSS, and some graphic design. Connor travels back and forth between Florida and Baltimore, enjoys spending time with his fiancee and daughter, playing guitar, and creating new things whether it’s music, websites, or graphics.

Scott McBeanLead Social Media Manager

Scott McBean

Lead Social Media Manager

It’s Scott!